Washington Severance Pay

The Need for Adequate Severance Pay

Losing your job can be exceedingly stressful and worrisome. The prospect of facing unemployment without adequate severance pay to act as a transitional safety net should not be something you have to fear. In some situations, employers will deny their employees the severance package that he or she deserves. If you have been denied severance pay or you would like to dispute the amount of severance pay you did receive, it is absolutely essential that you contact a Washington employment law attorney. A skilled and knowledgeable employment lawyer will help you negotiate successfully for the severance package you have every right to claim.

In most cases, a standard severance package consists of a dollar amount employers give a terminated employee as a thank you for the services and time that employee gave to the company. Employers also use severance pay as an incentive to ensure a terminated employee signs a nondisclosure agreement or other documents such as a promissory agreement to not sue the company or take any legal action against the company. Not every employee is entitled to severance pay, unless his or her employers specifically promised a severance package either verbally or in writing. No matter what the circumstances of the termination may have been, an employment lawyer will be able to greatly assist you in negotiating for adequate severance pay to cover the costs associated with finding new employment.

Severance pay is a voluntary benefit and Washington law does not require employers to provide severance pay. However, if an employer promises severance pay in an employment contract or policy handbook, it must adhere to the terms of the contract or policies. If an employment contract is valid, Washington courts will enforce the terms of the contract regarding severance pay, therefore it is a good idea to consult an attorney before signing an employment contract to see about the possibility of negotiating for severance pay to be included. If severance pay was included in your contract and an employer denies you of those benefits, you should contact an employment attorney to help you bring a claim in Washington court.

Severance Pay Lawyer Serving Washington

When you need to take legal action to secure or dispute severance pay, it is very important that you turn to a lawyer with the experience and talent necessary to pursue the favorable outcome you need. At HKM Employment Attorneys, we have a solid understanding of the laws and circumstances involved in severance pay disputes. Our attorneys will work closely with you throughout your case. Unlike other law firms, we focus exclusively on employment law. This means we have the knowledge and dedication needed to fight on your behalf. We are client-focused and provide the high level of representation you deserve.

Contact a Washington employment law attorney if you would like to take legal action in regards to a severance pay dispute.

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