Washington Employee Counseling

Advice for Employers or Employees

Any employer in the state of Washington knows the massive numbers of laws, regulations, requirements, paperwork and other legal issues that must be carefully managed to avoid problems. Laws are ever-changing, both at the federal and state level, and implementing the changes quickly and correctly can mean the difference between ongoing claims and the ability to do business without the threat and distraction of litigation. For instance, did you know that the state of Washington updates minimum wage every single January? We understand how it is easy to miss these important updates when you are busy running a company!

There are countless cases in which employees file claims against employers that have no basis in fact; this type of activity is a way of life for some employees who use the system to gain benefit. Even if a case has no merit, it can cost you precious time and money. It is strongly advised that you have professional legal counsel keep your legal requirements in order and help you avoid lawsuits, claims and trouble with federal and state regulatory bodies. At HKM Employment Attorneys, we provide ongoing legal counsel to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, family businesses and other enterprises that want to protect against future legal problems. Our advice to business owners is that you ensure that you are represented by a top quality employment law attorney to address all your legal details, including contracts, separation agreements, non-compete agreements, protecting trade secrets, and ensure that your firm is fully in compliance with regard to wages, overtime, commissions and can defend against claims and legal threats. Save yourself the legal headache of having to deal with these important issues by working with an experienced Washington employment attorney now.

Representing Employees in Claims in Washington

For employees, when you are uncertain if you have a right to file a claim against your employer, we can assist you in determining whether your claim has merit, and what can be expected under current Washington state and federal employment law. Employees may assume they are at a disadvantage, but if you have been the victim of employment discrimination, have had your rights under the family and medical leave act (FMLA) violated, or have a wage claim, getting knowledgeable legal representation to help you get the issue resolved is a crucial matter. We are very familiar with all Washington employment laws as well as federal statutes that protect workers, and can quickly help you determine whether you can move forward with a legal action against an employer that has violated your rights in the workplace.

Contact a Washington employment law lawyer from HKM Employment Attorneys for representation in any employment law issue.