Washington Separation Agreements

Negotiating Settlement Agreements

A separation agreement establishes the terms on which an employee will leave a company after the termination of his or her job. After a layoff, many employees quickly sign a separation agreement without fully understanding the document’s terms and conditions. In some cases, no severance package is offered. If you have been asked to sign a severance agreement, a qualified employment attorney can determine if the terms and conditions laid out are in your best interests. If you have not been offered a severance package or if the terms of your separation agreement were not ideal, seek out a Washington employment law attorney today.

An employer may choose to offer a severance package to an employee to finalize the business relationship and avoid future litigation. An employee may not fully understand what the contract means or how it will affect them in the future. Without this knowledge, an employee may sign away his or her rights, jeopardize future employment opportunities, and give up the right to file a claim against the employer. A knowledgeable employment lawyer will help negotiate on your behalf for the proper separation agreement you deserve.

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Separation Agreement Lawyer Serving Washington

At HKM Employment Attorneys, we represent employees, managers, and executives in all legal matters relating to separation agreements. Our attorneys can review your severance agreement and determine whether the terms and conditions it includes are in your best interests. If not, we will negotiate the terms of the agreement based on your individual needs. In the event that no severance package has been offered, we will negotiate directly with your employer to seek one.

Financial stability following job termination may be dependent upon a severance agreement. We will negotiate an agreement with your employer that keeps your current and long-term goals in mind. In addition to signing a severance agreement, you may also be asked to sign a non-compete agreement or other executive contract. Before you sign any document relating to the termination of your employment, it is important to speak to one of our lawyers.