Types of Discrimination in Washington

Discrimination in the Workplace

If you are an employer or employee dealing with a discrimination or harassment claim, we can help. Employees that have been unlawfully discriminated against need an aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney at their side that can fight for and protect their rights. Additionally, as an employer, dealing with unjust discrimination charges can be confusing and alarming. It is important to ensure that your best interests are protected by contacting a Washington employment law attorney at once.

At HKM Employment Attorneys, we have nearly 40 years of experience specifically in employment law. Unlike other firms that may focus on multiple areas, our firm handles employment law cases. This has allowed us to stay up-to-date on all current case law as well as changes in state and federal employment law. Discrimination lawsuits can be extremely complex. Having an attorney at your side with the experience and know-how to successfully handle your case can mean the difference between losing your claim and obtaining the compensation you are due.

Discrimination is not something that occurs only during the hiring process, it may also occur relating to promotions, firing, vacations, raises, health benefits and other situations. If you believe that you may have been discriminated against under any condition of employment, speak with an attorney from our firm to get the legal help you need.

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Discrimination Laws in Washington

As a Washington employee, you are protected by state discrimination laws if you work for an employer with 8 or more employees, excluding religious organizations. Washington law provides protection from discrimination to a wider group of classes than do federal employment laws, such as Title VII. These protected classes include:

Washington law also strictly prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee for complaining about, reporting, or opposing discriminatory practices or behavior. Prohibited retaliation can include demoting, firing, or simply treating an employee differently. In Washington, any complaints regarding discriminatory practices, treatment, or behaviors need to be signed within six months of the date of the last alleged discrimination. Therefore, if you you believe you have suffered discrimination at work for any of the above reasons, it is important that you contact an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible to discuss a possible case. If you wait, you may lose your chance to make a claim because time is of the essence for these types of cases in the state of Washington.

Additionally, if you are an employer and wish to educate and train your employees to ensure prevention and/or elimination of any possibly discriminatory behaviors, the Washington State Human Rights Commission offers free training programs for your employees.

Washington Discrimination Lawyer

Our firm has successfully helped clients with all types of discrimination claims and lawsuits including;

We have extensive experience representing both employers and employees in all stages of discrimination and harassment claims. In many cases, we are able to settle the claim outside of litigation; however, if litigation is necessary we will fight aggressively for our clients’ rights utilizing our full array of resources.

Contact a Washington employment law attorney if you believe you have been the victim of any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

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