Colorado Overtime Disputes

Colorado State and Federal Laws Regarding Overtime

An extremely common area of dispute between employers and employees is disagreement with overtime hours and overtime compensation. Both state and federal law entitle certain employees to overtime pay, and employees rightfully expect to be compensated in compliance with the law.

On the other hand, employers need to ensure that they are not overcompensating employees for the time work, and also to make sure that hours claimed as overtime are, in fact, overtime house. In these disputes, it is often necessary to determine whether the employee is covered under the applicable overtime wage laws and also to determine what hours were actually worked. If you are an employer or an employee facing an overtime dispute, you should contact a Colorado employment lawyer as soon as possible to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable result to the disagreement.

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law that requires non-exempt workers to be paid one and one-half the rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a given workweek. In addition, Colorado state law requires one and one-half pay for any work performed in excess of 12 hours per workday, or 12 consecutive hours worked regardless of the starting and ending time of the workday. Both state and federal law exempt certain kinds of employees from this requirement, provided that they earn a certain amount and are in a certain field. These exemptions apply to:

  • Administrative employees
  • Executives or supervisors
  • Professional employees
  • Outside sales people

In addition, certain casual employees or tourism based employees may also be exempt from overtime requirements. In order to determine whether you or your employees may be exempt from state or federal overtime requirements, you should be certain to consult with an experienced Colorado employment law attorney as soon as possible.

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If you are involved in a dispute regarding overtime pay, contact a Colorado employment attorney today.