Colorado Non-Compete Agreement Agreements

An employer invests both time and money into hiring and training an employee. As a result, employers generally do not want their employees to leave and go work for a competitor. An employee who does this may take business with them, or may even disclose confidential or proprietary information to a competing business. In attempt to reduce the risk of this happening, some employers require that employees sign non-compete or non-disclosure agreements as a condition of employment. These agreements attempt to limit a former employee’s ability to work for competing businesses upon termination of employment.

Generally speaking, such clauses or agreements are non-enforceable in Colorado, except in certain limited circumstances. For most employers, a more feasible way protect your business from intellectual property theft or misappropriation is to have your employees sign non-disclosure agreements. In addition to these agreements, state trade secret law also limits the way that employees or other parties may use or disclose confidential facts about how your business operates. Some examples of common trade secrets include:

  • Formulas
  • Business practices
  • Processes
  • Designs
  • Instruments
  • Information
  • A method of research
  • A recipe

Trade secrets can involve a substantial investment of resources, and as such are entitled to certain legal protections. If you are an employer who believes that you are in need of non-disclosure agreements or other forms of protection, you should consult with an experienced Colorado employment law attorney as soon as possible.

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