Colorado Separation Agreements

The Purpose of a Separation Agreement

Separation agreements are contractual agreements between employers and employees that are used to set the terms on which an employee will leave a position upon termination. These agreements can be useful to both employers and employees, and can operate to temporarily provide for the financial needs of an employee and to limit employers’ legal liability.

Additionally, these agreements can be used to prevent a former employee from filing regulatory complaints, disclosing information about the business and its operation, suing the company, or taking clients. Separation agreements can be used if an employee is fired, quits, is laid off, or is unable to continue to work for some other reason. Due to the potential implications of a separation agreement, is important for both employers and employees to obtain legal counsel before entering into one. The experienced Colorado employment law attorneys of HKM are seasoned advocates who represent both employers and employees in matters having to do with separation agreements. Some of the ways in which an employment law attorney may be able to help you includes:

  • Drafting a separation agreement
  • Counseling employers on legal matters that should be addressed in the separation agreement
  • Ensuring that the agreement is in compliance will all applicable state and federal laws
  • Helping negotiate the terms of a separation agreement
  • Representing you in the event that the terms of the separation agreement are in dispute

Employment Attorneys Serving Colorado

The Colorado employment law lawyers of HKM represent a wide range of clients, including employees, employers, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. As a result, we are capable of providing you with effective legal representation regardless of which side you are on. Separation agreements can have far reaching implications, and should not be entered into without careful consideration. By retaining qualified legal counsel, you can ensure that your rights and business interests are fully protected.

Contact a Colorado separation agreement attorney today for assistance in any matter relating to a separation agreement.

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