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Discrimination in the Workplace

The attorneys at our firm are experienced in helping both employees and employers resolve all types of discrimination claims. Employees who have been the victims of illegal discrimination at work should ensure they are represented by a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated employment attorney who will fight to protect their rights to be free from certain types of discrimination. Additionally, employers who face claims of discrimination may believe the accusations are not valid, and will therefore require zealous representation to protect them from fraudulent or frivolous discrimination claims. Whether you are an employee or an employer, a Colorado employment law attorney at HKM can help you with your case.

Our attorneys have focused solely on employment law for almost 40 years. Instead of handling cases in many different areas of law, HKM Employment Attorneys spend all of their time specializing and mastering this one particular area of the law. Therefore, we have the ability to stay completely up to date on the latest changes and developments in court decisions and federal and state laws regarding to employment. You can trust that we will correctly and adequately apply the law to your case to strive for the best possible results.

Discrimination in the workplace may take many forms and exist in many different stages of an employment relationship. Discrimination may occur in hiring decisions, considerations for promotions or wage increases, providing benefits, employee discipline, or termination. Employees may also suffer from discrimination or harassment in ordinary daily business of the company. Any type of discrimination is unacceptable, and no matter your individual circumstances, an experienced discrimination attorney from our firm can help you.

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Colorado Discrimination Lawyer

Numerous federal laws protect employees from discrimination based on many factors. Colorado state law goes further to protect Colorado citizens from a wider array of discriminatory behaviors. Under a combination of federal and state laws, workers are protected from discrimination based on:

The attorneys at HKM have experience handling all kinds of claims involving discriminatory behavior, and can help you with every part of your case. We try to settle cases before trial, however should a case reach the litigation stage, we are prepared and able to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Contact a Colorado employment law attorney if you believe you have been the victim of any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.