Oregon Wrongful Termination

In Oregon, unless the terms of an employment relationship (including the duration of the employment period, compensation details, and conditions of termination) are determined by contract, employment is usually subject to the rules of ‘at-will’ employment. The at-will employment doctrine, as generally recognized by Oregon courts, puts forth the idea that either the employer or the employee can end their employment relationship at any time, for any reason that is not unlawful. According to both federal law and Oregon state statutes, these unlawful reasons can include, but are not limited to, discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. If you believe that you have been fired because of some unlawful reason, you may be facing a wrongful termination situation, and you may have a right of action for any damages you have suffered.

HKM Employment Attorneys offer their services to employees and employers alike who are involved in a wrongful discharge situation. Our firm has extensive experience representing both parties alike, so we are well aware of the factors that can give rise to termination claims. An effective Portland employment law attorney from our firm can provide you with knowledgeable and aggressive representation regardless of which side we are representing. Our firm will focus on finding out the underlying facts in order to determine the strength of your case. We always treat clients honestly and will advise you regarding your legal options.

Some of the common reasons that a wrongful termination case can be presented include:

Oregon Employment Lawyer – Protecting Your Rights

Whether you are an employee or employer, disputes can arise that can lead to discharge for an employee or a claim being presented against an employer. Either case requires a cost-effective and skilled legal counsel who is prepared to develop a workable strategy to fight the case. Our firm is ready to conduct an investigation into the matter in order to resolve the dispute, either in or out of court. In some instances, an employee must go file a complaint with a governmental agency – such as the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Civil Rights Division of the Oregon State Bureau of Labor and Industries – before or in conjunction with filing a suit in the Oregon courts. Whether you need guidance through the bureaucratic processes at these governmental agencies, or someone to be an aggressive and experienced advocate for you in court, an attorney can be invaluable in helping protect your rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with the legal issues and procedures that follow any instance of employment termination in Oregon, and can help you achieve a satisfactory outcome for your case.

We have a keen insight into the strengths and weakness of any type of employment law matter and will work diligently on your behalf. With our attorneys having extensive experience as former deputy prosecutors, SuperLawyers and listed as Rising Stars, we provide our clients unequaled legal counsel.

If you need legal representation for a wrongful termination claim, contact a Portland wrongful termination attorney from the firm today.

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