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The laws pertaining to employer/employee relationships can be found in many different types of federal legislation, including the Fa mily and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disability Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Civil Rights Act.

Oregon also has many state and local laws that work alongside the federal employment laws. These state and local laws also deal with a variety of employment law issues, which include: discrimination, harassment, leave, termination, employee benefits, and unemployment claims among many others. In some cases, Oregon’s laws go beyond what the federal government mandates. For example, the Oregon Family Leave Act provides employees with more time off and for a broader range of reasons than is mandated under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employers and employees need to be aware of their respective rights and responsibilities when it comes to employment law, on both the federal and state level.

Understanding the intricacies of the statutes pertaining to employment can be critical to a business’ success. It is also vital to know how to resolve employee situations in order to prevent claims and lawsuits that can result in costly settlements. A skilled Portland employment lawyer from HKM Employment Attorneys can provide critical legal counsel to both employers and employees regarding workplace issues. We are a recognized employment law firm that can give you advice on:

In addition, given that the Oregon legislature regularly considers adding new employment laws, or amending the existing ones, it is important for employers to know how their responsibilities might change, as well as for employees to be aware of their evolving rights. For example, in 2013 alone, Oregon has considered changing its policies on sick leave, bereavement leave, leave for victims of domestic violence, social media privacy rights of employees, police officers’ unions, and the Public Employees Retirement System. It is essential to have an experienced to help you understand how these changing laws can affect you and your business.

Our goal is to ensure our clients are in compliance with state and federal laws, and that their rights and interests are protected at all times. In addition to our wide-ranging experience in Oregon, our understanding of Washington state laws can also help you deal with any legal issues you might have across both legal markets. We are highly adept at addressing complex legal matters, and are tenacious litigators that can provide aggressive representation in court. Let our understanding of federal, state, and local laws help you resolve any workplace issues you might be facing.

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Are you seeking advice regarding a labor, employment or benefits issue? Our firm has many years of experience helping employers and employees with work-related legal problems. We are extremely attentive to our clients’ needs, and will work tirelessly to remedy workplace problems. Hiring an independent firm to address employment situations and disputes can have a significant impact on the outcome of your situation, and help you achieve the best possible resolution.

Contact a Portland employment lawyer for important legal advice regarding employment issues.