Oregon Sexual Orientation Discrimination

The state of Oregon has passed laws that protect employees against discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Oregon Equality Act, signed into law in 2007, prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which is defined to mean a person’s actual, or even perceived, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality. The definition also includes gender identity, meaning that employers may not discriminate against someone who identifies – or appears to identify – with a gender that is not traditionally associated with their biological sex. In addition to the state law, many counties and cities across the state of Oregon – including Portland, Salem, Bend, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and Multnomah County – have enacted local ordinances prohibiting such discrimination

This type of sexual orientation discrimination can take several forms, from adverse employment decisions (firings, demotions, denying promotions or raises) to outright harassment (joking or making inappropriate remarks regarding a person’s sexual orientation). If you have been victimized by discrimination due to your sexual orientation, then you may be entitled to receive damages, and a Portland employment lawyer is available to assist you in possibly recovering those damages.


At HKM Employment Attorneys, we possess experience that can only come from having represented businesses, individual employers, and individual employees in all types of employment cases. Our legal team is comprised of highly skilled attorneys that include a former deputy prosecutor and a SuperLawyer. We are available to provide you with legal representation if you have experienced sexual orientation discrimination in your place of work. We will assist you in taking legal action against those responsible, and may be able to secure equitable compensation in your case.

Reasons for Sexual Orientation Discrimination

It is your right to take legal action if you have been discriminated against in the workplace due to being any of the following:

  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transsexual
  • Transgender

In addition, it is also your right to take legal action if you have faced discrimination due to a perceived belief that you are one of the above (e.g. experiencing harassment from employers or other employees who believe that you are homosexual). In hiring an attorney, you will have an experienced legal professional taking action on your behalf, and fighting for the compensation that you deserve after being made to suffer mentally and emotionally at the hands of those in your workplace.

If you have suffered from sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, contact a Portland employment law attorney who can work diligently to protect your rights as a worker.