Los Angeles Wage and Overtime Disputes

Both federal and state laws regarding wages received for work are extensive and complicated. Some of the laws that apply to wages include the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the California Labor Code. These laws mandate such things as hourly minimum wages, overtime payment requirements, hours worked, payroll deductions, and other similar matters.

These laws apply to anyone who is classified as a non-exempt employee under FLSA standards. However, often employers misclassify employees as independent contractors or as exempt. So, even if you are not classified as a non-exempt employee, you may still have a wage claim if you have been misclassified. Our experienced team of Los Angeles employment law attorneys knows how to identify such mistakes and get you the compensation you deserve for your work.

Common wage and overtime cases include claims for:

HKM Employment Attorneys has also provided legal representation for employers who have been accused of violating wage and hour laws. Wage violations can have costly consequences for employers, therefore it is vital that you have an experienced and aggressive employment attorney defending you. Whether you are an employee alleging wage violations or an employer being accused of a wage violation, you should always consult with a Los Angeles employment law attorney from HKM as soon as possible.

Attorney Dan Kalish on California Overtime Law

Employment Law and Wage Claims in Los Angeles, California

Wage claims can be complicated and often require extensive investigation into employment records, repeated negotiations with the other party, and sometimes litigation. The attorneys at our firm are ready and able to help you with every stage of your case, no matter what it entails or how complicated it gets. We specialize only in employment law and are very familiar with successful strategies for parties on both sides of a wage violation claim. Do not hesitate to call our firm today for help.

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