Los Angeles Ethics Investigations

About Ethics Investigations

One of the main obligations that employers owe to their employees is to conduct their business in a fair and equitable manner in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. In an effort to protect employees from unscrupulous business owners, both the state and federal government have enacted laws pertaining to business ethics.

These laws generally exist to protect individuals, but can also be used offensively by disgruntled or otherwise unhappy employees to negatively impact a business. Regardless of which side of the dispute you find yourself, anyone involved in a workplace ethics investigation should contact an experienced Los Angeles ethics investigation attorney as soon as possible to retain representation.

An ethics investigation may be triggered by a wide range of situations. For example, an employee claiming that he she was treated unfairly due to a protected characteristic such as age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, or national origin may result in an ethics investigation. Some other examples of workplace issues that may result in an ethics investigation include the following:

Workplace ethics investigations can help an employer determine what occurred, and what corrective action, if any, to take. Employment misconduct has the potential to cost employers significant amounts of money, as well as damaging a company’s reputation and employee morale. When conducting an ethics investigation, it is essential that an employer understand the applicable state and federal law, as well as knowing the rights of the people or people being investigated.

Los Angeles, California Ethics Investigation Attorneys

HKM Employment Attorneys is a multi-state employment law firm that represents both employers and employees in ethics investigations and other employment law matters. Our attorneys have almost 4 decades of combined experience, resulting in a thorough understand of state and federal employment laws. We are qualified to represent employees and employers on a wide variety of employment law matters, and are committed to providing individualized and solution-based representation to each client we represent.

Contact a Los Angeles, California employment law attorney for assistance or questions regarding an internal ethics investigation.