Colorado Unemployment Benefits

Seeking Out Unemployment Benefits

Few things may be as stressful or worrisome as suddenly being out of work. Losing your job may significantly affect the finances of you and your family, and may even lead to financial ruin. Luckily, thousands of unemployed citizens of Colorado may rely on unemployment benefits to help them stay financially afloat until they find new work. Unfortunately, not everyone who is unemployed will qualify for Colorado unemployment benefits and may receive a denial letter. If you are denied, you face a lengthy and complicated appeals process. Because these benefits are so vital, you do not want to risk even an initial denial. Therefore, you should always seek out legal representation by an experienced Colorado employment law attorney to help you apply for unemployment benefits.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment requires that you must meet certain criteria to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. These criteria include:

  • Being unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Be able to work, actively seeking work, and have the ability to immediately begin work if offered
  • Have earned at least $2,500 during the standard “base period”

The base period determination may be confusing for the average person, though our attorneys know how to make these determinations and decipher the process for you. Furthermore, if you quit your job, our team may help you to establish “good cause” for quitting on your application so that you may still be eligible for benefits.

Unemployment Benefits Lawyer in Colorado

Each person has different circumstances surrounding the loss of their job, and may have his or her own unique problems during the unemployment benefits application process. No matter what your situation is, the team at HKM Employment Attorneys can help you receive the benefits you so desperately need. We have handled countless unemployment cases and appeals, and focus only on employment law so that we can better help you with your case.

Contact a Colorado unemployment benefits attorney if you would like to discuss your options in the face of unemployment.