What occurs after an hour is up?

Usually, an hour is sufficient to answer all of your questions and get the advice you need. That being said, nobody will have a stopwatch, and nobody is going stop your attorney consultation right at an hour. If the consultation, however, is likely to go well beyond an hour, your attorney will likely ask that you enter into a new agreement directly with your attorney or get another, second LSS with HKM Employment Attorneys LLP.

Is the consultation exactly one hour?

No. Based on our experience, an attorney can usually resolve your issue and give you the advice you need in roughly an hour. Sometimes the consultations will go a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. If you need too much additional time over an hour, your attorney will ask that you enter in a separate agreement or obtain a new hour consultation through HKM Employment Attorneys LLP.

What happens if I want to follow-up with my attorney after the hour consultation?

If you want a separate, additional consultation with your attorney, you will need to make arrangements directly with your attorney or obtain a new LSS from HKM Employment Attorneys LLP.

What type of advice works well with this service?

Really, any type of employment issue is often appropriate for a Legal Strategy Session. Some examples include:

  • Review of an employment agreement;
  • Review of a non-compete clause;
  • Review of a separation agreement;
  • An understanding of your rights at work;
  • How to deal with co-workers;
  • Whether you have been discriminated against;
  • Whether you have been paid correctly;
  • Questions about wage and hour laws;
  • Questions about unions and employee rights; or
  • Any other issue related to your work.

What occurs if I change my mind?

If you change your mind before the Legal Strategy Session with your attorney, and do not want/need a consultation, let us know and we will cancel it without charge.

What occurs if I need immediate assistance?

Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. In most circumstances, your lawyer should be able to meet with you, either in person, or on the phone, as soon as possible.

What occurs if I don’t want the lawyer assigned to me?

Let us know, and we will find you another attorney.

Are the meetings over the phone or in person?

Your choice. Just let us know your preference.

Are the communications confidential?

Absolutely. These communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege and cannot be disclosed to anyone without your express permission.

How do I contact HKM Employment Attorneys LLP?

Email us at dkalish@hkm.com or call us at 1-800-676-2173.