A Legal Strategy Session (“LSS”), a service of HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, is a one-hour, confidential legal consultation on employment issues of your choosing. The LSS will be provided either by an attorney at HKM Employment Attorneys LLP or an affiliate attorney, an experienced employment attorney (vetted and selected by us) that has agreed to provide an hour consultation to you for $299.

We at HKM started providing Legal Strategy Sessions in response to the increasing number of calls to our law firm by employees who needed advice about a discrete employment issue. These individuals did not need to hire a lawyer for several hours; they did not want to sift through hundreds of attorneys on the Internet; and they had no interest in providing a retainer – or a large up-front payment to an attorney.

They simply needed a consultation with an excellent employment attorney, and at an affordable price. And they needed one ASAP. And that is what a Legal Strategy Session strives to provide: Quality advice. At a reasonable price. Quickly.

Employment Contract Review LSS
Severance Agreement Review LSS
Non-Compete LSS
Other Employment Issue LSS