We represent employees. We take on fights against employers when they break the law and help employees navigate challenges in employment. This practice group – Coaching Contracts – is one of our passions. Through it, we’re advising and protecting college and professional coaches and their families through negotiations and contract review in sports. We’re changing the game.

The business side of sports is too complex to navigate on your own. When it comes to this multi-billion-dollar industry, it’s time that coaches had the weight of an advocate in their corner. We’re a nationwide law firm operating across the country fighting for workers’ rights. We know the law, we know sports contracts, and we’re here to serve and protect your interests. Let us advocate for yours. 


We used to be corporate lawyers and prosecutors. Now, we represent employees. We’ve been bringing transparency and understanding to college coaching contracts for years. Whether you’re negotiating private jet hours or a vehicle stipend, you need a lawyer who understands coaching contracts. 

We are here to You

We use the legal system to hold employers accountable and take money back from corporate interests when they don’t play by the rules. In the sports world, that means delivering what coaches deserve: job security, benefits, and fair compensation. If you need to understand the terms of your existing contract, prepare for contract renewal, or negotiate a new deal altogether, we are your trusted counsel.