Washington Unemployment Benefits

Seeking Unemployment Benefits

Facing unemployment without unemployment benefits can be the road to financial ruin. Unemployment benefits have been put in place to assist individuals who lost employment, as is the case for many in the current employment market. These benefits help unemployed individuals financially while they pursue other employment. Without the steady income of a good job, most individuals face the possibility of financial ruin. While not all individuals qualify for unemployment benefits, in most cases if an individual is denied these benefits, legal action can be taken. If you have been laid off by your employer who has denied you unemployment benefits or if you would like assistance in negotiating the terms of your benefits, it is essential that you speak with a Washington employment law attorney without delay.

In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, a terminated employee must meet a certain criteria. The nature of the employee’s termination and the reasons for termination all come into play when deciding whether that terminated employee qualifies for benefits. While quitting your job before you get fired may seem like the right choice in terms of your employment history, without a “good cause” for leaving your job, quitting will disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits. A knowledgeable employment attorney will work with you to establish a “good cause” for your decision to quit and fight on your behalf so you receive the compensation you deserve.

In the event that your claim is denied or you receive another adverse decision, you have the right to appeal the decision. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date of the letter informing you of the decision, and must be filed through mail or by fax. Your appeal will be heard by an administrative law judge, and you have the right to be represented at your hearing.

Unemployment benefits in Washington are administered by the Employment Security Department of Washington State. The program is funded by Washington employers, who pay into the program through unemployment taxes. If a person is deemed eligible to receive unemployment benefits, the amount that he or she receives is determined by applying a calculation to income received in his or her “base year.” A person’s “base year” is the first four of the five calendar quarters immediately preceding the week in which the claim was filed. The amount a person receives each week is 3.85 percent of the average of the two highest-paying quarters of earnings in his or her base year. This amount is subject to a minimum limit of $148 and a maximum limit of $624. A person must file a claim each week, and is eligible to receive benefits for a period of 52 weeks. The best way to maximize your chances of successfully filing a claim and receiving the highest weekly benefit is to retain the services of an experienced Washington employment law attorney.

Unemployment Benefits Lawyer in Washington

No matter what the circumstances of your termination may have been, receiving unemployment benefits may make the difference between staying on your feet and facing extreme financial hardship. At HKM Employment Attorneys we have extensive experience handling all kinds of unemployment benefit cases. Unlike most law firms, we focus exclusively on employment law. Our specific knowledge in this field provides you with the advantage you need to negotiate for the benefits you deserve. Do not hesitate to call our firm today.

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