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Severance Reviews

About Us

A Legal Strategy Session (“LSS”) is a one-hour, confidential legal consultation on any employment issue – including review and advice on your severance agreement – for a flat fee of $299.  The review of your severance agreement will be provided by an attorney at HKM Employment Attorneys LLP or one of the firm’s affiliates. We only provide LSSs to employees, not to employers.

We started to provide LSSs for severance agreements because we realized that many people simply need an hour or so of a reputable and experienced employment attorney’s time to assist them with their severance agreements or separation offers.  But this was incredibly difficult to find.

Our Legal Strategy Session service assigns you to an experienced employment attorney in your state to advise you on severance agreement and answer any questions that you have.

Give us a try or call us to learn if this service is for you.

In Our Severance Agreement LSS, We Can Advise You On:

  • Review of your severance agreement;
  • How to try to obtain severance;
  • Discussion of your compensation package;
  • If any “red flags” exist;
  • How to negotiate a better severance;
  • Any terms that restrict your future legal rights;
  • How to protect yourself from negative comments about you; or
  • Or any other issue regarding your severance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Advice

  • Experienced employment lawyer
  • Individually recruited and vetted
  • Licensed in your state

At a Reasonable Price

  • $299 flat fee
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • Payment collected only after you receive services


  • Request your lawyer in less than a minute
  • Talk to your lawyer when you want
  • Get the advice you need ASAP

What Clients Are Saying

“5 out of 5 stars. Super simple process, and I will continue to use you for any future employment issues.”

“In my LSS, my attorney quickly analyzed my issue, explained the law to me, and then gave me good, practical advice. Just what I wanted.”

“Thanks for helping me with my employment contract, and kudos on a great idea.”

Meet Our Attorneys

Dan Kalish



A graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, Dan, a partner at HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, is an experienced employment lawyer who has advised scores of clients on severance agreements.

Donald W. Heyrich



Don, a partner at HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, is regarded as one of the best employment attorneys in the Pacific Northwest and has substantial experience with severance agreements.

Lisa Sherman



As founder of Sherman Law Corporation in Los Angeles, CA, Lisa has been focused on employment law and human resources (including severance agreements) for over twenty years.

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