Los Angeles Unemployment Benefits

Seeking Unemployment Benefits

In the recent economy, thousands of California and Los Angeles citizens have faced the terrifying prospect of unemployment. California provides unemployment benefits for eligible people in order to help them survive this time of uncertainty in their lives. Not applying or qualifying for unemployment benefits may have a significantly negative impact on your and your family’s financial situation, and recovering may be difficult.

Even if you are initially denied unemployment benefits, the fight is not over because you may appeal the decision. However, because these benefits are so important, you do not want to risk bungling the application or appeals process. It is essential that you seek the advice and guidance of a California employment law attorney to help you with your unemployment application.

Not everyone is eligible for unemployment benefits, but instead California citizens must meet certain criteria. Some of these qualifying criteria include:

  • Be totally or partially unemployed.
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own.
  • Be physically able to work, be actively seeking new work and be ready to immediately accept work.
  • Have received enough wages during the base period to establish a claim.
  • Meet these eligibility requirements during each week benefits are claimed.

Unemployment applications can get complicated if you quit your job, as you must show that you quit for “good cause” in order to be eligible for benefits. Your former employer will likely deny that you had good cause to quit, but instead state that you quit voluntarily. An experienced employment attorney will know how to establish good cause on your application so that you have a better chance of qualifying for benefits.

Unemployment Benefits Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

No matter what your individual circumstances were surrounding the loss of your job, our team at HKM Employment Attorneys knows how vital unemployment benefits may be to financial survival. We focus solely on employment law and have experience handling many different types of unemployment cases. We will help you fight and negotiate for the unemployment benefits you deserve.

Contact an LA unemployment benefits attorney if you would like to discuss your options in the face of unemployment.