Los Angeles Unemployment Appeals

Need Help Seeking Unemployment Benefits?

If your application for unemployment benefits has been denied by the California employment agency and your former employer, you will want to consult with an experienced employment attorney to help you appeal the decision. You do not want to risk a final denial of the benefits that will help you and your family survive the loss of a job, and therefore having qualified legal representation is key.

The attorneys at HKM can help guide you through the appeals process for unemployment and work to secure you the benefits you desperately need during periods of unemployment. Call a Los Angeles employment law attorney as soon as possible to discuss your appeal options.

Determining Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

People who have been laid off from their jobs often depend on unemployment benefits to keep themselves and their families financially afloat until they can find another job. If your application for benefits is denied, an attorney can help you determine whether the denial was wrongful. To decide whether the thousands of unemployed citizens of California are eligible for benefits, the state agency looks to several factors, such as:

  • Did you voluntarily leave your job or were you laid off?
  • Were you fired from your last job for misconduct?
  • Did you work and have sufficient earnings for a certain period of time?

Simply being fired from a job does not necessarily render you ineligible for benefits, however if your employer reported termination due to misconduct, your initial application will likely be denied. An employment attorney can help you fight allegations of misconduct or other factors that may be keeping you from receiving benefits.

Unemployment Appeals Lawyer Serving Los Angeles, California

Because your financial livelihood may be on the line, you always want to have legal representation during the unemployment appeals process. The attorneys at HKM know how to navigate the complex process of unemployment appeals in California and LA, and will be a strong advocate for your case. Our firm has almost 40 years of combined employment law experience and can help you successfully resolve your unemployment case. If your application was wrongfully denied, we can help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Contact a Los Angeles unemployment appeals attorney today if you have been denied unemployment benefits.